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Planning Walleye Fishing Trips is one of the funnest things to do.  However, I am certain most fisherman who are planning a fishing trip don't think about moon phases when they schedule their fishing vacation.

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 I am not going to rehash all that has been written about moon phases, sunrise and sunsets, but I can tell you that we lucked out on our Washington walleye fishing trips to Lake Roosevelt.  Why?  Out of the 10 years we did the house boat vacations only one week did we miss a full moon.  And that week was miserable for fishing.

Even if you are planning a Lake Erie Walleye charter or a Ontario walleye fishing week it is adviseable to plan your walleye fishing trips around a full moon.  I love the watch you see to the left because it gives you the full moon and such but more importantly it gives you the best times of the day to fish and we plan our days around those times.

I am lucky because my handheld gps unit allows me to plug in dates and gives me all the good stuff I need. But out in the boat someone in our party always has this watch on and we do plan the day around those times.

Lake Erie Walleye charters are extremely popular right now and you should sit down and make a list of walleye guides and start asking questions.  Over at fishing-trips-specialist.com you will find a pretty good list of questions to ask any fishing guide and all of them apply.  One thing to consider is if they have package deals like walleye fishing lodges or do you need to find your own lodging. One final note, I highly recommend bringing your own walleye fishing rods because it's a pain trying to catch fish using a rod you are not familiar with.


Living in the Pacific Northwest our walleye fishing trips all take place on the Columbia River. Lake Roosevelt up near Spokane acts more like lake walleye fishing in Minnesota or Canada walleye fishing.  About the only difference is the depth of the lakes in Minnesota are not nearly as deep as Lake Roosevelt.  There are places that are over 400 ft deep.  And I'm sure it's deeper in places I've never seen.

Presentations for walleye change dramatically if you compare Lake Erie walleye or Lake Ontario walleye and the Columbia River out west.  Regardelss of where you take your fishing trip, do take into consideration the moon phases.

As an example of moon phases I will give the results of my last three trips all centered around the moon phase.  Keep in mind I am basing my fishing trip results from the watch that gives us good fishing, poor fishing and good fishing.

It was a Monday about 2 days after the full moon.  We didn't start fishing until 11 am and our watch told us it was a good day to fish.  We caught 19 walleye and 11 of them were caught during the window of "best times".  During the window of time during good times we caught 6 and the last 2 fish were caught during non peak times.

Exactly 9 days later on my second walleye fishing trips (in the same waters) I only caught 3 walleye and our watch predicted a poor fishing day but all the fish were caught during the "best times of the day" window.

Two days after that 3 of us went walleye fishing in the same waters on another poor fishing day and we caught 4 walleye.  3 of them were caught during the "best time" and the last one was caught during the "good time".

Whenever we take a long fishing vacation we always plan our vacation around the moon phase and so should you.

I can't stress it enough to contact your local walleye fishing guides for assistance in all phases of the water you will fish.  We love to hire a guide the first day of our fishing trip, to learn about various techniques, bodies of water, etc.  Then the rest of the week we use our own boat.  It does cost money but if it will help you land more fish, then it's work it in my mind.

Another trick is to get this free ebook on the "Hotspots" in Canada and US walleye. If you have any experience with Bay of Quinte walleye fishing please contact us.  Same applies if you have taken a Lake Erie walleye fishing trip, Lake Erie Walleye charters, Lake Erie walleye fishing lodges, etc. We appreciate it.


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